I’m back!! After a short hiatus, I am back with Fresh U HBCU. And since this site is geared towards HBCUs, it’s only fitting that I talk about my HBCU. Morgan State is a very interesting HBCU. There’s always a few things that Morganites can relate to. And since my HBCU has opened two buildings within the past year and has reached record enrollment numbers, it’s a few things that most Morganites can relate to.

When Someone In Front Of You Pays With A Credit Card

In the MSU Food Court, there are three paying options. Cash, Credit Card, and Bear Cards (Meal Plan). Usually, when paying with a Bear Card, it’s quick and efficient. When a credit card is used, it takes time. Like actual time. A person has to wait, then swipe (maybe a few times), then sign. Compared to a Bear Card swipe, this process takes a long time. #ReclaimingMyTime

Early Morning Classes on the West Side of Campus

MSU’s campus has changed over time. For the past few decades, classes were rather close with a brief little walk to class. But in 2017, with campus expanded the way that it is now, being late to class is a reality if you don't account for walking time.

Finding Your Whole Social Life in the Library

Be aware of the MSU Library if you're trying to be productive. You check SnapChat and you see all of your friends in the Library. The MSU Library is truly a social hangout spot and academic area. The best of both worlds.

Every Line Being Longer Due to MSU 21

The Morgan State Class of 2021 is the largest class in Morgan State’s history. Due to this, campus feels more crowded. As the campus gets more crowded, lines get longer. It’s harder to get to your advisor. It’s even hard to add certain classes to your schedule. Great to see the growth; irritating to stand in long lines.

Receiving MSU Announce Emails More Than Actual Emails

MSU Announce is the news notification service for students from the official PR Department of MSU. It includes department and university news and events. We receive these emails so much, students don't even read the full email. It’s a sad case but it’s relatable, very relatable.

Fire Alarm Wake Up Call

Fire Alarms going off on campus. It’s so common. It’s not an emergency, it just goes off. Please make it stop.

Juking People On The Welcome and Communication Bridges

Slow walkers are a pet peeve of mines. It’s like car traffic but while walking. What’s the point of walking slowly with almost a hundred people on the bridge behind you? Morganites, if you're walking slow or blocking the space, please limit that.

Pizza Line In The Food Court Is STILL SLOW

On November 16th, 2016; I posted the first version of this article. One year later, the Pizza line is even slower. Can they pass us appetizers or free waters while I wait? Thanks. 

Being a Morgan State Bear is a blessing, with many relatable moments. 

Lead Image Credit: Morgan State PR Deparment