The holiday season is already interesting enough, depending on one's situation. But for college students, it's even more interesting. You're not really home for a few months and things have changed. When returning, there's always questions about one's experiences. But not every question should be asked. Students want to use the break to recover and make some extra cash; not to be indirectly insulted via through questions. 

For the sake of all college students during their break, Kiara Nelson and myself are collaborating to tell you the things shouldn't ask a college student during the holiday break.

Questions About Relationships

Let's be real, most college students aren't really coming home with a love interest from their school. Even if a student might have one, please don't ask about it. For the single students like me, the people you saw on social media or in my contact list might not be a love interest. So please stop assuming. I can't even get a reply back, stop hyping me.

Anything About Grades


At the minimum, college students might say "ok" or even mention their GPA (student privacy is advised). The classes are the most stressful part of college. Please don't remind us that we pulled our grades up in the clutch. Don't ask, it's good for the mental health.

Future Plans

Listen, we are trying to figure out how we are paying for books next semester or even figuring out a grand scheme to raise our GPA's. Future plans are fine but sometimes people might question what you're doing and the convo will quickly turn into #HolidayClapbacks. So let's all avoid that convo for a while.

Questioning One's Major

"You're paying all of that money just to communicate". Unless you've been to college or really know what a fellow college student is doing, please do not negatively question our majors. Once again, doing that can cause the whole holiday season to turn into #HolidayClapbacks.

Asking About Physical Appearance

Unless your school is really lavish, college is probably the worst time in one's life in terms of eating choices. And some cafeteria food just magically adds weight to some students. Overall, we are eating terribly. Don't ask about weight or major physical appearances. Unless we slimmed down or gotten "grown" in some places, then go ahead and hype us.

Anything Negative About One's School

"I heard that..."

YOU HEARD NOTHING. Unless it's fully factual, don't mention rumors or negative comments about our schools. It's disrespectful and automatically turns the convo into #HolidayClapbacks or an argument proving why my education situation is just better. It's not smart to debate a college student about their own school. We are super blunt after Fall Semester. Blame the system.

Question One's Family Loyalty

"You think you all better than us now".

"Don't forget about the little people".

"It's not about you".

Here are a few quotes that people use when they are indirectly saying that a college student's family loyalty is wavering. It happens but don't be shady about it. Be direct, and get ready for the response. It probably won't be nice.

Asking About Family Drama


Sometimes family tries to recap on what we missed. Maybe some students went so far to school to avoid that. Or maybe removed the majority of their family from social media. Or even only come home during official breaks, not weekends. We are just too tired for the info. Our minds need some time to recover from the messiness we were surrounded at in school.

And talking about messiness, us college students have other drama to worry about. Some of us are focused on if someone's "at home bae" will finally realize that bae has an "on campus bae". Or any other campus social news.

Anything Negative About HBCU's


I love HBCU's, I always will support them. But for some apparent reason, family and one's social circle will have the most to say about them.

And in all reality, most negative things you have to say are unfactual or because many state board of educations isn't fully funding our HBCU's. So please don't slander our HBCU's. Now if you have family who understands the HBCU struggle because they went to one, then go right ahead.  

Lead Image Credit: Flicker