Morgan State is an interesting HBCU. We are celebrating 150 years of existence. We have partnerships with Google, ESPN, Facebook, and NASA. We are just a booming institution. But for students, there's always some things that pop out. Here's a comedic view of my HBCU.

Pizza Line in the Canteen is Slow

When the pizza line is the best option on the meal plan in the food court, wouldn't it be smart to put more than 1 person on the line? We are hungry students. Move faster.

Chick-Fil-A Running out of Sauce

Morgan State’s Chick-Fil-A is not running on usual Chick-Fil-A hours. 11am to around 11pm 5 days a week. If it's not packed every day, then why are you running out of sauce all the time? The one time I’m not broke and you can't come through with the sauce. Shaking my head.

Morgan Apparel is ALWAYS expensive

Talking about being broke. Listen Bookstore price makers, I’m broke. Any apparel over $25 is over my budget. Slash those prices so I can rep my Orange and Blue.

Slipping and Sliding on the Business Bridge

It’s time to add some more coating on that business bridge. No type of traction. Danger zone.

Struggling Engineering Majors

The Morgan State Engineering school is the best school at Morgan State. It’s just a very difficult school. First off, the Engineering buildings are the farthest buildings. So their walks are longer. Their classes are longer. And it's more difficult. If you see an Engineering student, hug them. Ask them about their day. Anything counts.

Business Students Finessing All Over Campus

Business majors dress up more than any students on campus. Nothing like some HBCU students in professional clothes. Pure swagger.

“I Got Some Guys”

The best Morgan State fan. Hands Down. No discussion about it. 

Bear Card Machines Breaking Down

Listen, bear card machines are barely used. Stop breaking down. I have laundry to do.

Montebello Complex

Financial Aid, Bear Card Office, Admissions, Bursar, Mail Room, and other offices. This is the most hated building on campus. I automatically get mad when I walk into this building. And I’m barely in there.

When “We Are The Bears” makes you Aggressive Every Time You Hear It

We Are The Bears is a Morgan State fight song. It makes me aggressive every time I hear it. It is the most energetic thing I can hear on campus.

People Going Home Every Single Weekend

What’s the point of living on campus, going home, complaining about home, coming back to campus, complaining about the campus, then going back home again? Morgan State is in Baltimore, Maryland. There's Baltimore students who go home less than out of state students. Get it together.

There we have it, folks. You know you're at Morgan State when these things happen. 

Lead Image Credit: Stephen Thompson Jr