Election day is today and it is one of the most important elections! The midterms will dictate the 435 seats in the House of Representatives and a third of the Senate seats that are up for election. This specific election is important because we have officially hit the halfway mark of the current presidency. In the Senate, Republicans hold the majority which could change after midterms. There are also governors up for election in some states. 

All of these seats matter because majority means control of Congress. 

The United States is currently functioning in a Republican Congress and midterms give citizens the power to shift the power. Know that you know the basics go vote! If your eighteen and above you should already be registered by now to vote. Many people who may be registered still might not feel motivated to hit the polls. My favorite obstacle many people present as an excuse is transportation. As a younger generation, we have transportation at our fingertips and we are pretty innovative. But if your still unsure how to get to the polls, here are some suggestions. 

1. Uber/Lyft 

If you're like me and don't own a car, Uber and Lyft are essential. It takes only a few minutes to call one and get to your polling place. One helpful addition to both apps is that on Election Day, both companies are discounting rides to the polls. If you're worried about money, Uber and Lyft have you covered. While you're at it, bring a friend and split the fare easily with the app. 

2. Carpool karaoke on the way there! 

Speaking of friends, carpool! If you luckily have a friend with a car, make a trip of it and go vote together. Voting with your friends can be gratifying, especially if it's your first time because you will be making a difference together. Turn up some music and have your own carpool karaoke to the polls.  

3. Get some exercise.

Exercise is good for the soul and if you like having that daily jog, maybe take it to the polls! If your polling place isn't insanely far, put on your best running sneakers and hit the pavement.  

4. A family that votes together makes change together! 

Get a free ride from your parents. It's a great opportunity to share an experience with your parents and ensure they exercise their right, too. If you have younger siblings, bring them along to show them the voting process. Take a family photo with your I voted stickers to document the moment! 

5. Ask your college.

You may not know this, but some universities provide transportation to the polls. If it's important for anyone to vote, it's college students. Political decisions can affect us immediately regarding topics like student loans or immigration. Young people have had the worst voter turnout, but if your school is willing to help get you to the polls, take that opportunity. Usually, colleges will send out emails about transportation. However, if you're not sure, ask your office of student engagement or any political clubs on campus.   

6. Bicycle there! 

People love to ride their bikes around campus. If you're one of those dedicated cyclists, take your bike to the polls. And if you like to bike to reduce your carbon imprint, then head to the polls to vote for an environmentally friendly candidate! Take the trip even further and invite your friends to ride with you. A nice bike ride in the fall afternoon to go vote doesn't sound too bad. 

There so many ways to get to the polls. Voting is important! As college students, we have a lot to prove in this political landscape. Many politicians don't expect us to vote or care— but we do. The decisions made in government can impact our lives first and the hardest as young people. A government should reflect its citizens and right now, it only represents the older generations. The time to act is now, whether you vote Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc. You have the right to express who you want in the government. So go out and vote! 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash