Everyone always tells you about all the great things you'll experience in university: the parties, the freedom and the new people you'll meet. However, no one wants you tell you about the many sucky things you're about to get yourself into. University is incredibly different from high school and over the span of just a few semesters, your year-long good habits are likely to transform into pretty bad ones.

1. Skipping class.

Maybe you had a late night or maybe you really needed to do work for a class during another class. Whatever the reason, it always starts small and quickly snowballs into a bad routine. And the best (and worst part): literally no one will stop you from skipping class. It's not high school anymore; you can do whenever you want.

2. Waiting too long to grocery shop.

Grocery shopping doesn't have to be a big struggle, but if you wait until your fridge is nearly empty you're going to be stuck buying absolutely everything in one trip. Is it much easier to shop as things run out? Yes. Will you? Probably not. It's times like these that you miss your parents doing the grocery shopping for you, even if they never let you get the good snacks.

3. Not reading for class. 

One day you forget to do the readings and suddenly it's the week before exams and you have to read 200 pages and you hate yourself for not following the reading schedule. This is probably the worst one because every single time you will ask yourself why you didn't learn from the last time.

4. Having an irregular sleep schedule.

When your schedule is constantly changing because of deadlines, it's hard to keep a consistent daily routine: especially one that includes sleep. Long are the days of going to sleep and waking up at the same time every single day, like in high school. One day you may have an eight a.m., but the next day your first class may not be until four p.m. How do you even get used to that?

5. Not cleaning your room.

During busy school seasons you just don't have the time to clean up your room. Dishes pile up, clothes cover your whole floor and your room turns into a mess that you just don't have the time to deal with. And with no family members randomly barging in and commenting on the state of your room, there's very little motivation to do anything about it.

6. Ordering food.

When you're too lazy or busy to grocery shop and make your own food at home, ordering food to your house can be incredibly tempting. But it can very quickly become a lifestyle and the problem with that is that it's a very expensive (and unhealthy) lifestyle. The struggle is real.

7. Taking on too many extra responsibilities and regretting it.

It's all fun and games until your schedule gets super busy and you wish you never made all those commitments. Word of advice? Enjoy your moments of free time. Don't try to make up for them by making tons of future plans. You'll be busy again before you know it!

8. Skipping the gym.

If you're not a gym attendee, at least you can say you never formed this bad habit! Everyone else, though,  needs to watch out. In all seriousness, this is probably one of the easier habits to break. Yes, you may stop going to the gym for a while, but as soon as you go again, you'll get instant gratification in the form of feeling good. That makes it that much more convincing to go again, and start up a new (good) habit.

Clearly most of these problems stem from busy schedules and laziness which honestly sums up university pretty accurately. And while you're more than likely to form these bad habits, nothing is stopping you for breaking them when you realize you have a problem! You got this.

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash