Online job portals are extensively put to use in this day and age. Unlike earlier times, we can now learn about different opportunities around the globe and apply for any job at the comfort of our own homes. However, this convenience comes at a cost, as the majority of the job portals are infected with  fake job opportunities. Therefore, you have to invest a lot of time in filtering the legit, potential opportunities from a pool of counterfeit job postings. To make this process easier, I have listed a few leads below.

1. Indistinct Contact Details

Always inspect received email invitations before any proceedings. Cross check the physical address and the contact details provided. Call on the given number and ask for the HR or employer named in the email and verify. This way, you can perceive the authenticity of given details and help you save your valuable time and attention from vain.

2. Amateur Emails

If you find an email articulated in a vague language with obscure information, you certainly have a reason to doubt it's adequacy. Indistinct subject lines and indecorous body paragraphs with ambiguous details point towards the unprofessional behavior of the sender and leave us in conjecture about the genuineness of the organization. If you find any such email in your inbox, zero it down to a skeptical job offer.

3. A "Not Secure" Website Link

Always check the website of the employment offering company. If you find the website to be insecure, (with the lock symbol on the top left in the search bar of chrome cross marked with red or blocked in red/written “Not secure,”) please do not proceed any further. A website is the portfolio of the company and will project the image of an organization. Hence, every organization in spite of its size is very conscious of the website. Pop-ups are a common concern with insecure websites. So, if you find a website very basic with bare minimum details and pop-ups everywhere, you have every reason to doubt its competence.

4. Too Good to be True

Always be aware of the market pay for the position you are applying. This way you will be able to differentiate between a veritable job offer and a hoax offer. If a company is offering you a strong profile with towering pay, please contact your mentor at your educational institute and analyze its potential: there is a high chance of it's a trap. 

5. Employment Agreement

If you get a job offer for an in-office position without any personal interview and are asked to sign an employment agreement document, then please report such companies on the job search portals. According to the employment law, no in-office position can be offered to any potential candidate without a personal interview. Reporting such organization will help others from falling prey to fraudulent traps.

6. Inspect the Company Profile and Reviews on the Job Portal

Review job search portals that will provide you with a detailed description of the company's profile by reviews, ratings and salaries offered. Always check the feedback of the company on information boards like "Glassdoor" before you proceed any further.

When you combine the power of the internet with your smart filtering skills, you should be able to find the perfect job or internship in no time! Be mindful of the tips I've laid out for you above, and good luck getting your foot in the door...whichever door that may be! 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash