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Jul 29 2017
by Janika Langford

10 Tips for Move In Day/Week Preparation

By Janika Langford - Jul 29 2017

As we should all know, moving into college isn't as simple as it may seem. It can be a bit frustrating and hectic, but with proper preparation, your first few days on campus can be a breeze!

1. Pack ahead of time and pack your car!

Packing for college can definitely be a hassle. You have clothes, shoes, snacks, decorations and storage bins. It is very, very, VERY important to pack ahead of time. At the least, start packing 2 weeks before move in day. When shopping, be sure to store the items you are taking to school separate from the items you'll leave. It'll be very helpful if you'd confine your items as much as possible. Stuff those bins as much as you can! Use every compartment you can find. And don't worry if you feel like you have too many storage bins, just send them back with your parents. Also, packing your vehicle the day/night before you leave can save a lot of time the next day.

2. Pack what you need and be aware of the area. 

You may or may not forget a few items. Make sure you pack what you NEED and leave most of those unnecessary items at home. In case you forget something, knowing the area can allow you to easily find a store to purchase what you need.

3. When unpacking, remember where you put everything.

Trust me, you will be mad if you pull everything out of place just to find what you were looking for in your top drawer. Know. Where. You. Put. Your. Stuff! Organization is key!

4. Get ready for people being everywhere! 

Being that all freshman typically move in the same day, you will see students, family members, friends and staff EVERYWHERE! Move in Day is very hectic and it's a must that you mentally prepare yourself for that. Use your manners. Say "excuse me". Find a clear path to get where you need to be. Everything will be fine.

5. It would be useful to get a map. 

I can't stress this enough. A campus map can save you a lot of frustration and times! Find your classroom buildings. Look for the auditoriums. Circle the cafe. This will help you familiarize yourself with campus. You can usually find the maps online or maybe even in your papers from orientation.

6. There are usually events planned. 

As noted above, the week may be hectic, but it will be fun! Typically, there's a set schedule for move in week. The university may schedule meetings, shows and other gatherings and events around campus. GO TO THEM! Please attend these events. They're used to help you meet your fellow classmates and schoolmates and adjust to campus. They often attend freebies (including food) and you don't wanna miss those.

7. You will have a busy schedule. 

You will want to meet with friends. You will want to attend events. You will want to explore campus. Random activities will pop up. You might end up going around and exploring the area. All in all, your schedule for the week may be very busy. Attend your mandatory events and balance out the rest. 

8. You may or may not do everything you planned on doing. 

These are facts, but don't worry. Everything happens for a reason. So if you miss out on something you wanted to do during the week, don't worry. You have plenty of time to make up for it, plus sometimes your best memories come from random happenings.

9. Your sleep schedule may be challenged. 

You may be up until 4 in the morning or you may hit the sheets around 9. It is important to allow your body to adapt to a new sleeping pattern. Always remember sleep is fundamental! It will help you focus and operate through your day, so make sure you have time to get a sufficient amount of sleep. Also, college naps will become everything to you! Whether you take one between classes or after going to the cafe, they'll be cherished.

10. It may take time to adjust. 

This is very natural, so don't let it overwhelm you. The process is different for everybody. This is a big step that you've taken and it's supposed to make you feel a bit...challenged. Do not let that scare you, let it motivate you! Take the necessary steps for success. Stay focused. Pray for guidance and you'll be absolutely fine.

Something extra:

It may be helpful to screenshot your schedule and set it as your screensaver or at least have it handy in your favorites. Also, it could also be beneficial to write it down and hang it up somewhere in your room.

I hope you find these tips helpful and don't forget to share this article! If you have any suggestions, questions or want me to write about a specific topic be sure to let me know!

Lead Image Credit: Janika Langford

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Janika Langford - North Carolina A&T State

I'm Janika (or "Nika") from Hertford County, NC. Proud student at the illustrious North Carolina A&T State University, majoring in Journalism/Mass Communication. I love having a good time and I'm here to help! I hope each one of you enjoy my articles. If you ever have any suggestions or want my opinion on something, don't hesitate to let me know. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram: @thatsNika__

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